Help, concern, compassion and love

All these are likely a spectrum of an emotion which is intrinsic in the human.  The social, cohesive and efficiency aspects of this emotion therefore become an essential component to human society.  This must exist at the level of the individual (as must all societal behaviour, initiated, sustained, monitored and controlled by individuals).  As a consequence the willingness and capacity to exercise these “emotions” by and towards other individuals  is paramount to societal health.  Once the motive to offer compassion is lost, and the associated emotional and practical commitments discarded, so social fabric will fail.

Such failure is driven by socialistic imposition of “industrialized compassion”.  At the individual level, the aspiration to offer compassion (and the bundle of emotions associated with that) is lost. Also lost are the incentives to contribute, to select, monitor and persist with exercising compassion.  The finesse of human emotions is replaced by “bulk delivery” abolishing the rewarding sense of good accomplishment, and satisfying contribution to society.

Worse, the reciprocal relationship between the contributor and the recipient are lost forever. To multiply the adverse sequelae, the recipients of “industrialised compassion” develop a  mind-set which becomes unpleasantly demanding of material donation.  Tis is exemplified  now by widespread pique unless “rights” are delivered in a dimension without boundary.


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