What is prayer?

A contemplation of that which is deeply hidden from the conscious: a retrieval of the intuitive and instinctive.

This is a way to resolve dilemmas and return to the foundational instinctive pathway which determines all inter-relationship behaviours.

Why is God good? (Note that God and good are the same word).

The social machinery which allows humans to function as social animals (and they have no choice in adhering to this) is deeply imbedded in the instinctive.  Because of that the intuitive is the ultimate and only pathway within which humans can exist socially.  Therefore it has to be the best possible route. That is the “good”. Hence the synonym for “good” becomes “God”.

“Bad” on the other hand is when the instinctive is perverted by individualistic and other behaviours which are not concordant with the intuitive: if this is from that which determines the behaviour of surrounding humans conflict results.

Hence “Man is born innocent (pure)” because individuals in early life no other form of behaviour beyond the intuitive.  It is the progression of individualistic behaviour which may cause divergence from the inherent, and hence the “loss of innocence” (impurity).


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