Industrialized compassion.

Industrialized compassion is the basis of socialism.

Those who advocate the industrialized compassion clearly have no idea of the complex human emotional interplay resulting from human distress within a society. This compound of the inherent and the cognitive incorporates the emotions relating to concern, care, help and a determination to find outcomes for human distress.

Socialism is the easy way out.  It is often a single signature on a parliamentary bill which is assumed to meet the needs of a population due compassionate concern.  Worst, it is a bizarre perversion of compassionate values, designed – ruthlessly, cynically and callously – to garner votes.  It has little concern about the intricacies and feedbacks of true compassion or the intuitive mechanisms of self-sacrifice, donation, reward and thanks.

It plays on forceful extraction from those who are most productive and carelessly panders to and squanders to those who are least thankful, least productive and least contributory to society.

It is impossible to legislate for this. Legislation cannot accomplish the necessary human variability, not the degree of need. Worse, legislation is easy to pervert .

Instead this type of legislated “compassion” inflicts a ruthless, cynical attempt to lure persons en masse.

It relies on the delusion that socialism is a “victimless crime’, and trains a belief in a bottomless bucket of demand.

Socialism bypasses the great pillars of humanity. It betrays the human, and Christian, values of respect for property, replacing it with avarice.

Ultimately socialism destroys civilizations.

It is these civilizations which are the outward expression of a complex of endeavour compounding, self-sacrifice, cognitive brilliance and social concern, all aiming ultimately to protect humans. These human endeavours do not deserve the ablation which socialism will commit.

Socialism protects only its advocates


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