Governments claim to arm themselves as a “disincentive” to attack.

Governments claim to arm themselves as a “disincentive” to attack.  So, also are the claims of the American Gun Lobby, which claims the need to defend themselves by disincentivizing aggression.

In reality this is not the case at Governmental level. Western governments have perverted this ethic. Instead these governments have initiated numerous wars, including the seven wars that Britain has forced on other nations since the 2nd World War. The truism holds that the larger the nation, so the greater the war and so the greater the killing.  The motive for these wars was purportedly to protect the inhabitants of those nations from other inhabitants of the same nation.

This was exactly at least one of the motivations for the colonisation in Africa.  There were other motivations, which included the capacity to feed those populations, to offer them healthcare, education and much more.  All this was undertaken by the astonishing endeavours of the “colonists”, who risking much in venturing far from their kith, kindred and national protection.  They embarked on this with a degree of sincerity and earnestness, likely never paralleled.


America, in the interim, has begun to control its own population in an aggressive fashion – primarily to extract from them taxation.  The taxation has the effect of keeping in office its own domineering politicians.


These suppositions are well demonstrated, as case studies, in Africa.  What happened when the colonists left Africa?  The inhabitants began to war amongst themselves, kill each other, starve each other, and it opened the door for the dominating, ruthless, homicidal dictators.


Jeremy Paxton  in the BBC production “Empire” demonstrated this in the vogue condemnation of colonisation, but with astonishingly glib naivety.  This was accomplished by a sneering innuendo, an arrogance of subjective interpretation particularly during his “interviews” with the locals, in which he seeded, and demanded agreement about the evils of colonialism.


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