Blaming Emma West.

4 January 2014


Western governments have developed the knack of blaming their populations, or particularly individuals in their populations.  A problem often arises because of ineptitude of that government, but it is convenient and it distracts popular opinion if an individual can be selected and then named as “blameworthy”.


Emma West was a good example.  Humans have good reason to be afraid of strangers.  Indeed much of human phylogenetic psychology is designed to protect communities from strangers.  The primary purpose of language is probably to identify a stranger in the form of a complex (and usually unbreakable) password.  Apart from this there are strong intuitive and other imperatives which demand caution when confronted by strangers.  It seems as though this starts early in childhood and it is well recognized how the appearance of a stranger will often cause a baby or child to activate its alerting system – namely to cry.


The British government chose not to recognize this foundation of behavioural psychology when the concept of introducing immigrants was commenced.  Further, the stress on the population was multiplied and perpetuated by various forms of legislation which demanded counterintuitive behaviour, demanding of the population that there should be no resistance to trans-cultural and trans-racial immigrants or, in its most extreme form, to even comment on their differences from the existing community.


Emma West was an example.  She found herself with her child, inescapably enclosed and in close proximity to a group of persons who were clearly culturally and racially very different from her.  It is therefore no surprise that she would react as she knew best how in the circumstances, which was to speak her disapproval assertively.  This is normal maternal behaviour and the normal response when a child is perceived to be threatened.


However, on the apparent premise, “If there is blame then fix it fast” Emma West was arrested, imprisoned, and finally punished.


By every parameter of human social behaviour Emma West was an innocent.  She had imposed upon her, by her government (which is purported to protect its population) considerable social stress.


Governments have always been a great danger to their populations, either en masse or individually.  It is for that reason that many populations demand a contract from their government designed to protect them.  This is “the constitution”.  Other methods are to ensure that politicians in power cannot remain in power beyond a prescribed time limit.  These have failed in western civilisation as demonstrated by the pitiful tale of Emma West.


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