Triumph of Justice.

A not infrequent theme is that of the “triumph of justice”. Much drama is dedicated to demonstrate the overcoming of the vicissitudes, the triumph of justice ultimately.

Ironically, these tales underscore the failure of legal systems in many cases. It is the quirk, the unusual, which steers justice back to triumph. Examples are “Verdict” (Paul Newman, James Mason)

A well-known judge, known for projected himself in the mass media, gave a university lecturer using  “12 angry men” (1957 Henry Fonder, Lee J Cobb) to demonstrate the triumph of law.

What the film demonstrated, instead, was the frailty of law, and arbitrary and serendipitous chance that justice will triumph. As illustrated in 12 angry men, it took an exceptional individual, against the odds, to steer justice back into the throne.


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