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Profiling and Language

A recent ploy of politicians over the last half century has been to attempt to suppress “profiling”.   “Profiling” is a highly sophisticated identity recognizing mechanism. It is inherent in humans and part of an intuitive behavioural mechanism of self-protection … Continue reading

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Does Law Understand ?

When I commenced studying law I had a fear. That was that as each component of this acquired knowledge began to be assembled with other aspects of law each would begin to complement the other to develop a “rationality”. I … Continue reading

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Compressed Societies

One of the difficulties of compressed societies is that they inflict defensiveness upon the individuals in those societies. In part this is because compressed societies become progressively more complex in which to make decisions and in part because the competition … Continue reading

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The Demise of the US Dollar.

Demise? Impossible! They say. You have got to have a base currency. Anyway the Dollar is too strong to destroy. Really? When buying USD one is primarily buying debt. None of these arguments sustain dissection. The United States dollar has … Continue reading

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