Cognitive and Consciousness

Interest in what is consciousness has invariably spilt across into questions of what is cognitive, and whether the two (cognitive and conscious) are the same. This is a variation on “I think therefore I am”, which concedes that they are.

However, humans using their cognitive capacities to analyse and measure their own cognitive capacity are unlikely to get an objective, proportioned perspective. It is like the snake eating itself – it can only go so far.

Emergent structures assemble into hierarchies and come into existence, partly through bottom up assembly, and partly through top-down processes.

The top-down processes, the “higher levels” of structure in biology act downward to control what happens at lower levels through physiological and epigenetic (including inheritable memories) processes such as adaptive selection or design.[Selection and design, incidentally are the same cognitive route]

Extending this into the world of “spontaneous” human organizational behaviour, the “bottom structures” are the high skills which humans have (and exhibit) in organizing their inter-relational behaviour on innate grounds.

At least part of the “top-down” is also intuitive, but modified by sensory perceptions, habit, learning (which can be divided into hindsight, insight and foresight). The distinction is probably the difference between crowd behaviour and individualistic leadership.

Much behaviour must be accepted as being too innate to be eradicable. This is easily demonstrated in other animals, but found to be an unacceptable proposition applied to humans. Eating children is unthinkable in humans (but not in many other animals where it has considerable survival advantage and species benefit)

The Dynasty of Democracy. This is based on the belief that it allows control of governments to be determined (and restricted) by cognitive processes. The delusion is that the proletariat can determine an optimum outcome by rational means.

The Muslim, on the other hand functions on the intuitive level – a much easier philosophy to sell to the masses.

Judaism might be somewhere in between?



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