Taxing the Internet. Protection Denied.

Human survival depends on the capacity of the individual (and it is always the individual remember) to survive.

That survival depends upon much inherent biology – all subliminal, and beyond the control of whatever that individual believes his cognitive strengths are.

First is the remarkable organ, the skin, which allows the human (and all land animals) which are essentially water bourn mechanisms, to survive. It is the largest organ in the body and loss of a significant percentage of skin inevitably ends in death.

A second mechanism is the immune system – phenomenally complex, adaptable and imperative to survival from the moment of conception.

A third is the capacity to communicate (this is by no means an exclusive list of protective mechanisms).

Whilst speech is considered by most humans as a means of making order of trivia, its primary function is probably that of a protective mechanism. Whilst used infrequently, speech allows the “call for help” and the resulting assembly of humans together for mutual protection.

It is probably this intuitive need to communicate and seek information which has driven the success of the internet.

A sub-category of speech is language, dialect and intonation. These can be considered the “password” to indicate “friend” as opposed to “foe”. Much can be said about the importance of speech as a password and its perversion by inept political manipulations but not for the present.

With the growth of urban populations the “cry for help” has become relatively ineffectual. Anonymity, inhomogeneity and physical barriers have intruded into the mechanism.

There are many illustrations of individuals crying for help in urban areas (and being ignored and then murdered).

Because of the massive aggregation of humans into nations it is now no longer possible, for all practical purposes, to control the dominance of governing authorities, or their “subservient” delegated enforcers of that authority. Elsewhere, the independent autonomy of these “enforcers” (such as police forces and the military) is considered.

But one hope remains, and that is now communication via the internet.

The internet has demonstrated itself to be a powerful force, even to the extent of controlling governing authorities. It has, however, also worked adversely – as is the way with all biological currents and counter currents – to unite marauding bands and a variety of other criminal endeavours into effective anti-societal machines.

But the internet, as it is now, remains a powerful force. It now allows humans a mechanism to “cry for help” whether this is by the individual or by subgroups of society. It is thus returning the concept of communication as a defence mechanism to the individual human, replacing the (now ineffectual) vocal cries.

Therefore, if governments decide to interfere with the internet, as they are busy doing now, which is a way of eliminating one of human’s primary defence mechanisms.

A reason for government interference in internet availability is to keep that authority in place and suppress opposition or revelation of despotism.

Therefore attempts to control the internet must be resisted in the strongest possible fashion, at each and every level of interference.


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