The divide between the “know alls” and others

This divide causes a major distinction between sociological worlds on the planet at present – sufficient for calamitous warfare. The divide is between the “know alls” who believe in the superiority of their cognitive capacities, with its associated arrogance, and those who accept the directions of sub-liminal intuitive behaviour.

There is another faction, perhaps a sub-faction of the last. These are the people who accept unswervingly the guidelines of earlier “prophets”, with absolute belief and unswerving intent, often to seek to impose those on all. Yet another basis for warfare.

Yet another splinter group, from the “cognitively superior” echelon (who probably think that they as individuals are the only “superior” group). These will contest the prevailing patterns, in the belief that their intellectual superiority will trump established patterns if their intellectual “reasoning” call for that.

This person who believes that the speed limit should be exceeded because “the streets are deserted”, or the feet-on-the-seat renegade will claim that there is “ no reason why not”.

Society must accept much blame for this rupture of boundaries. This is because these children have been edged into a competitive milieu from early. If all the hurdles are surmounted, to obtain a school leaving certificate, a captaincy in cricket or a flimsy BA degree, there is no wonder that these children early believe that they are “superior”. This has been particully so with university students, who have made (usually on superficial grounds), moral judgments, which motivated forceful demonstrations.

Another factor is dilution of the need for approval. This might come about with fractioning a society, perhaps by ingroth of immigrants, where the need for approval from a particular group is ablated or conditioned away.


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