Protecting Children

Theresa May, the British Home Secretary, is trying once again to set up a politico-legal committee to investigate childhood abuse. This appears to be directed at activities of half a century ago; those subjected to investigation and convictions include many in their dotage in what appears to be a vindictive campaign.

As is often the case in politico-legal muscle flexing focus is on the wrong target, at the wrong time, in the wrong way.

The reality is that this is an attempt to put the bolted horse back in the stable.

The true culprits are those parents, who have a bounden and imbued duty to care for and protect their children, failed. Those parents were expected to guard these children by knowing where they were at all times and to be alert to unusual behaviour – not a difficult task for most parents. They had a similar duty to warn their children of exactly this type of threat and finally they had a duty to ensure sufficient trust from their children to ensure frank talk with, to and from those children.

Vindictive punishment of octogenarians is unlikely to make any form of worthwhile retrospective repair on damage which could well have been avoided, much as the damage by Asiatic “groomers” could have been stopped, rather than being obscured. That damage is done in finality.

If beneficial lessons are sought this must be the reinstatement into parents of their duties, responsibilities and moral stance with respect to their children. Should legal muscle be selected (and there are many reasons why it should not) this must take the form of a legal obligation on parents, with punitive threat, to protect their (and the community’s) children from perversion.


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