Demand for Democracy.

It could be argued that an Americans aim is to dominate the world via “democracy”. This is a far easier way of controlling nations than via controlling despots – however benevolent those despots might be.

In order to unseat or control a despot, it is usually necessary to invoke physical presence – in effect a war. However, the election of the heads of democratic states is conducted primarily through monetary action. One only has to look at the American presidential elections to have this verified. Therefore, the Americans try and induce a “democracy” as a follow on from having induced a “revolution” in a despotic state. The memories of Kaddafi and Hussein are only too close to our memories to forget. Much the same was tried with Assad in Syria, with all the complicated unintended and calamitous consequences of that exercise.

The supreme irony is that the Middle East State, with which the Americans have dealt in the greatest intimacy, since 1922, has been Saudi Arabia. No attempt has ever been made to turn Saudi Arabia into a democracy, and instead a close rapport with the despotic royalty has been sustained. Therein lies the control. In physical terms there has been an American aircraft carrier constantly in the Arabian Gulf, for very many years, protecting Saudi Arabia.



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