Je ne suis pas Charlie Hebdo

For more than 50 years, Western Europe has been allowing, indeed inviting, immigrants of alien culture. Europeans did this for their own purposes. Some is politically engineered, in the belief that a new stratum of “working class” could be created by bringing in workers contracted to do menial tasks from the West Indies and elsewhere. Other arguments, which are almost certainly spurious, were those of “accelerating the economy”, or employing individuals “trained with high skills” – effectively pirating expertise.

Leaving aside the morality of removing the best immigrants in from the Third World (and so depriving those nations) this was a course contrary to all the inherent patterns of human societies, which pivots about protecting isolation.

Despite the realization that these alien immigrants were invited to be permanent members of their society, and would bring with them cultural distinctions, Europe/the West believed it could continue in its previous patterns of lifestyle and existing cultural expression, regardless of the variety of cultures which were allowed to invade.

The European’s belief was that they could continue their behaviour, regardless of the offence which this was likely to cause their immigrant fellow citizens.

Provocative behaviour, such as mocking or lampooning other cultures continued in Europe/the West. That this was exceedingly dangerous seems to have been ignored or more probable blanketed by a sense of superiority and the assumption that the immigrants would promptly succumb to the European way of life. Those immigrants were therefore expected to abandon their cultural heritage.

Such fatal assumptions and equally dangerous sequelae were therefore transmitted onto the native citizens by their politicians.

Many would argue that they Europe and the West are now getting what they deserve.


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