Assault on Personality.

Whilst travelling in Europe, in a vehicle with new tyres, one tyre failed. It proved impossible to have one tyre replaced, and I was told forcibly by the salesman that “It is necessary, in terms of the EU regulations, to replace both”.

Such are the rigid and acontextual edicts by the European Union that it was not possible to determine whether the tyre salesman was capitalising on the distortions of commonsense induced by the European Union to his own benefit, or whether this was, in fact, European Union regulation. In the circumstances I had no opportunity to discover the reality.

What this means is that an insulting devaluation of the very mechanisms of human behaviour in the context of their environment has been engineered. Thus a distortion has been imposed, and both rational and intuitive processes have been defeated.

A colleague had been registered with the General Medical Council of Great Britain for half a century. He received notification from the General Medical Council that, because of this long association it had become practice not charge for further registration. He was grateful, as most persons at the end of their career would be. However, a short while later he received other letter from the General Medical Council, stating that “in terms of the anti-ageism legislation within the European Union, the General Medical Council was not in a position to offer this benefit, and the request for prompt payment is now made”.

The reasons why this beneficial recognition of long-standing membership of the General Medical Council are probably irrelevant. However, what can be said with certainty is that this had become a “cultural norm” which perhaps is reason enough. It might be that this was a gesture by the General Medical Council of recognition of long service. It could be recognition of the decreasing income stream with age. It is possible also that this was recognition that persons of his age had great experience, wisdom, and much to contribute to medical society: hence it would be unwise to exclude them from medical society.

.However, the “anti-ageism” legislation, which one would suppose was in place to protect those who became progressively more vulnerable – professionally and in terms of income – with age, would be protected. The reality is a total inversion of what popular concept and commonsense dictates.

A population has been bred in Europe, which is being divestiture of its capacity to reason, its ability to make assumptions as to the values of the society in which it exists, and aits thinking processes defeated.


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