LibDem and UKIP Policies

During the week both the LibDems and UKIP brought out their election manifestoes.

Hidden within the usual rhetoric and subtly revealed was a major distinction.

The Lib Dems gave emphasis to “encouragement to the individual to fulfill potential”.

UKIP, on the other hand, promised to withdraw inheritance tax.

The significance is the promotion of “individualism” by the LibDems. They are promoting the single generation ascent of the aspirations of an individual. That is the basis of the Communist ethic.

On the other hand, the UKIP promise recognises that the social ascendancy of humans (and for that matter the creative ascendancy of humans) depends upon “standing on the shoulders of others”.

The entire complex hierarchy of Western civilisation has evolved in pyramidal fashion, over generations, by a progressive ascendancy of the group rather than any individual triumph. What has complicated perceptions is the belief that certain “geniuses” independently made great technical and industrial advances. This is probably never happened. Those “geniuses” were given the opportunity to ascend by a complex equation contributed to by society, their own genetics, their family background and the inheritance of perceptions acquired during their development towards maturity.

Thus UKIP, by abolishing Inheritance Tax is recognising this “evolutionary ascent”. It allows an earlier generation to contribute to the evolution of the next generation. In the past this has proved to be of fulcral importance to the development of Western society. It is likely to be of equal importance if Western society is to survive into the future.


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