The Silent Traversty

Posted on June 5, 2015 by jp


Posted on June 5, 2015 by jp

It is widely and popularly held that the division between systems of justice and systems of governance must remain distinct. This allows each a provenance of activity, but for each this is balanced by the presence of the other.

A far less distinct and a less recognised balance is that between the banker and the government. The banker, of course, should be the agent of his client – said another way a service to Everyman. Banks were traditionally publicly chartered to garner the common wealth for the wider benefit of society, and accordingly were granted special protection and status.  By assembling the end products of the endeavours of many – which is their savings – the banker should have become a beneficial attorney to the population. Instead, they have come to believe that their charter is a license to profit excessively from a vulnerable and defenseless public and that they are, or believe themselves to be, now invulnerable, too big to fail and too rich to jail.

Is not intended to say that there cannot be a financial relationship between Everyman and the government – indeed the foundation relationship link between the population and the government is the payment of tax. However, until recently, there was an absolute distinction between the guardians of funds and the government. The banker protected the funds of the individual and more than that protected the privacy surrounding those funds. That privacy should be one of the fundamental modes of self protection of individual, if not secondary to freedom of speech then it is not eclipsed by it. This of course was widely recognised and it was never appropriate to ask, or find out, what the earnings were of an individual, much less the value of an individual.

Yet subtly and silently that important balance has been expunged. The banker is no longer the agent of his client, but has become the agent of the government. The banker is now obliged to inform the government of almost every activity of those clients, including their domicile and much more.

In this way a dangerous loss of equilibrium has occurred surreptitiously until the point has been reached where governments entirely control every single member of the population, simply by controlling their finances. In parallel, because banks are regulated via banking licenses, a monopoly has been created for the banks by the government. The banks, consequently, have lost all concern about the welfare of their customers, and take it as read that being in the monopolistic position that they are, all humans must deposit the product of their creativity with the banks. In practical terms Everyman has no other choice.

The extension, then, is that the government now “owns” each and every member of the population, vicariously via the banks. The governments’ control is absolute, and should a government so decide, it can capture the entire savings of everyone of its citizens and in so doing capture that citizen, making it impossible for that citizen to move or escape. This “open prison” is absolute, from which escape is near impossible.

The ultimate control of the population is when the government allows itself to extract funds from private bank accounts, which is now the case. Indeed governments are on the brink of being able to operate internationally and extract funds from any individual at any time in any place. This universalization of political control is what Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn called the United Politicians of the World.

Such control of the people by government now far exceeds the degree of control predicted by those oracles, in their time “unbelieved” because of their apparent “extreme views” such as Aldous Huxley (Brave New World) and George Orwell (1984).

The ultimate devastation is the collusion between the warmongers – and for that read politicians – and the loan-bankers, whereby hundreds of millions of people have been killed as a direct result of this collaboration.

Since the banks are now an arm of the government, making a deposit, via the homely and confidence engendering façade of the high-street banks, is effectively depositing your funds into the realm of the government. Should that government wish it these funds can now be extricated, at the whim of government, and appellated as “tax” but used for warfare.

What is remarkable is that this encroachment and control has been widely unnoticed. This is probably a sequel to the subtle strategies which are now universal, all-encompassing, and multinational. The achieved aim, of course, is this ultimate reach of all political power.





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