Social Structural Breakdown

One of the early demarcaters of breakdown of social structure, the canary in the mine of society, has been the failure of the adults to transmit their inheritance of cultural values to their children, and by extension to open the door to a multitude of behavioural aberrations. At their end-point these weaknesses of societal integration have lead to horrific stories of “child abuse on an industrial level.” (David Cameron). But who is responsible for this?

The great danger of this type of disintegration is that it will destroy the adhesion components of marriage for these soon-to-be adults and continue to disrupt social integrity via their children. (See currents and countercurrents). Much of this rests on the foundation’s created by recent governments, notably in Britain.

David Cameron in addressing a large meeting of important personalities was reported to have said “Isis is the greatest threat to our world currently”. What astonishing arrogance. “Our” world? David Cameron’s domain is limited by the territorial waters of the British Isles. A current restlessness might destroy even these boundaries in the near future. It is not for Cameron and his parliamentary assemblage to claim a superior knowledge of how world as a whole, and its disparate populations, must behave. And yet he and his fellow politicians have the arrogance to attempt to do so.

The decision to bring immigrants of varied cultures and genetics into Britain can be debated and criticised on many levels, in other venues. Nevertheless, arising from this it has been necessary for British (at least) governments to issue legislation primarily designed to inhibit criticism of this policy. The ultimate consequence has been a population which has lost their certainty of behaviour. It is a population which now no longer comprehends the guidelines of what should be their intuitive pattern of behaviour: parents are afraid to criticise children, is much as they are afraid to take many a stance on societal level is. They have been beaten into a passive submission to and condonation of aberrant behaviour, by aberrant individuals.

David Cameron’s response to that legislative failure has been to further legislate and invoke Draconian penalties against many professionals. Outstanding at present are the social services who are blamed, by David Cameron, for “failing in their duty to protect vulnerable children”. These unfortunate social professionals are faced not only with an impossible task, but a task which should rightly, and has historically, fallen into the arena of parental control of the upbringing of the children of individual families. One – not too difficult to foresee – sequel will be reluctance for anyone to undertake social work (given the potential penalties).

The British governments have attempted to set up hierarchical structures of authority – effectively attempting to produce a stratified class system. But in a pitifully in effective fashion.

Sans la liberté de blâmer, il n’est point d’éloge flatteur” (“Without the freedom to criticise, there is no true praise”) Beaumarchais: This is the motto of the (conservative) French newspaper Le Figaro.

The result of such counter-intuitive legislation is a bewildered population, searching aimlessly for a direction, having become punch-drunk by rules which are unfathomable to them.



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