Inappropriate demands for medical intervention.


A powerful thread in the social attitude of the Western world is that “science” is consistently beneficial. An extension of this is the belief in the power of medical intervention.

Where national health services exist a population trend is to seek, if not demand, medical intervention across the entire spectrum of illness. Thus the “medical resource” is demanded by those who believe that they are due medical intervention, across an extreme spectrum of illness. The boundaries of demand from such services thus become infinite.

Ultimately those medical resources will be destroyed – not by the demand for life threatening or incapacitating illnesses, but the demand for professional management of what, in reality, are self curing and often trivial illness.

An example is the use of antibiotics, where treatment by these was demanded by the patient population, following which the medical constraints were overwhelmed and ultimately destroyed by these lay, uninformed, extractive demands. The end result has been the loss of antibiotics as therapeutic agents. This example can be extrapolated throughout those health systems where treatment is free or well below cost.

The same applies to many forms of health insurance, with a common response from the insured that they need to extract from the system with regularity to recoup the funds paid insurance.

The political profit is the offer by politicians of such “free” benefits in exchange for voting those politicians into office. This can ultimately destroy an entire health-care system.


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