The Necessary Division between Church and State.

In “democracies” politicians have an overwhelming conflict of interest. In order to gain and regain their position it is necessary for politicians to placate, appease or bribe their population.

There is an inkling of this discontent in recognition of various, well-defined, financial conflicts of interest and the question of “financial abuse of office”. However, the “democratic” election processes themselves are effectively “financial abuse of office”.

The politician can be said to be primarily interested in the outcome of the polls, whereas the statesman might be said to be primarily interested in the outcome for the state. Thus we have a divide between individualism and collectivism (the state). This is where the distinction between the church and state arises with benefit. The state should, ought and needs to be concerned with the maintenance, sustaining, and protection of the state has a whole. The church, on the other hand, is primarily concerned with the needs of the individual. Thus the division between the church and the state ablates the conflict-of-interest of “democracy”.

In many countries this distinction between Church and State has been pronounced historically. Right into the 1960s, In Ireland, for example, both the health service and the education system were run by the church. In this case it was the Catholic Church and one possible reason for its demise was the failure of the various sections of the religious community to successfully amalgamate. Another reason was the creeping avarice of the politicians who became determined to increase the domain over which they had financial control and ultimately to be in as strong a financial control as possible.

This desire for financial control, incidentally, has been extended into the various taxation systems, whereby in the Western world, more taxes are paid per individual than ever in the history of mankind. This makes it impossible for the individual to back down the income ladder (amongst numerous other reasons). This inability to retreat down the income ladder has worldwide consequences and this has now become an unstable phenomenon awaiting catastrophic collapse by preventing any retreat from “materialism”.




























cesses themselves are effectively “financial abuse of office”.





























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