The Vulnerable Status of Social Behavior

Although race has long been held as the demarcation of physical factors with a resulting intense assembly of moral, social and legal adjuncts, it might be that race is only an outward demarcation which signals the variance in social behaviour  or “societal personality” of that group.

That racial differences exist has been conclusively demonstrated by DNA research into early Europeans, where distinct groups of humans have been identified by their DNA similarities and dissimilarities. By definition this is the ultimate proof of the existence of “race”.

The difficulties that social groups face are the intrusions of other groups which have different patterns of behaviour. Recognising the extreme complexity and subtlety of group behaviour in humans, such intrusions can produce marked disruption to the host societies and irreparably alter the behaviour patterns of those societies. Given that the behaviour patterns of societies are expressions of a long (behavioural or “cultural”) evolution, extending back many centuries, such destruction alters forever the pattern of living of the individuals in those disturbed societies, and hence threatens the ultimate aim of all those humans, which is “contentment”.

The belief that immigrant groups can “learn” behaviour patterns, (otherwise known as “cultures”) is a naive simplification of a complexity which has evolved over generations and became at the same time deeply inherent but vulnerably sensitive.


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