The Poisoned Honeypot

The lure to those from impoverished lands and circumstances was put in place by the European Union and the United Kingdom. It was the lure of “a better life”, provided by wealthy, socialist nations. A component of this was to offer refuge to “asylum seekers”, however that might be defined.

But it was the consequences which were so terrible. Consequences would which could and should have been envisaged – the consequences of arduous journeys resulting in death and disease in terrible circumstances whether by deserts or unsafe waters.

How has come about? At least part of it was the arrogant paternalism of the European Union, believing that they could provide to groups onto which they projected their image of paternalism and the assumptions that those people had established themselves as puerile dependence on Western paternalism.

For each and every death, each and every illness, each and every loss of livelihood, the Western European countries are to be held totally and undeniably culpable. Their “feel- good” intentions, self-righteousness and arrogant assumptions of superiority, paved the way to this hell.

There are sound arguments that the EU is now vulnerable to legal class action for damages. The reasoning is that both the individual and any “entity” will be held responsible for the consequences of their actions. The EU provided the lure and should have anticipated these consequences. If it is argued that these consequences were unforeseen it would have taken only the first handful of deaths to make these consequences quite certain.


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