The Implied Sequitur.

Law attempts to be all-encompassing, and this desperate effort is attempted by trying to cover every linguistic loop-hole.

This attempt is doomed to failure, because the more branches which are grown legal-wise, and the more leave cultivated to provide this “legal shelter”, so the more gaps are created exponentially.

Language, which is the modus operandi in human behaviour, and the inherent regulator of behaviour, operates via implication, inference and common assumption which are sub-liminal to the meaning of the word alone or when taken out-of-context.

If law is to succeed as an all-encompassing endeavour, recognition must be given to these sub-liminal qualities of human social interchange.

It is therefore suggested that the inherent and extensile (but not necessarily spoken) qualities of language be recognised by a firm legal premise, which is recognition of the implied, inherent and subliminal qualities of language. Let us call that the implied sequitur.


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