Predictability, profiling and patterning.

What is often regarded as “consciousness” is a limited number of senses, which allow measurement of the external environment and most particularly changes in context.

There are, of course, a large number other senses which relate to the human mileau interieu but, by convention, these are not generally regarded as “senses” and it is notable that they not included in the “five senses” so commonly regarded as being essential to the capacities of humankind.

Thus prediction is the capacity to interpret and anticipate changes in the external context, clearly a well-developed survival mechanism.

Profiling. This is the capacity of humans, now under considerable suppression and indeed legal admonition, which endeavours to allow prediction of the behaviour, of a given individual, as interpreted from the context of that individuals “group”.

Patterning differs from profiling in that it looks at patterns of behaviour in the individual, again with the purpose of predicting future behaviour, and particularly antisocial behaviour. It is therefore differs significantly from profiling in that it is confined to an assessment of a given individual. This is a daily activity of humans and pertinent to a wide number of relationships, including the financial, sexual, and protective/safety anticipation.


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