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The weapons of manipulating moral righteousness, avarice, jealousy and acquisitiveness.

Moral righteousness is a meme. That is a behavioural attitude which can spread through a society influencing decisions and allowing evaluation both “negative” and “positive”. Moral righteousness is probably impossible to define. However, it has the effect of conjoining human … Continue reading

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The role, indeed the onus and the inherent imperative of the individual is to assert. That is the necessary contribution of all to society. This should not be mistaken for aggression or attempts at dominance. Instead it is an expression … Continue reading

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Wood unseen for Trees: Individualism

Humans are social animals. Groups cannot be accurately assessed unless the entire group (society) is assessed. Needless to say groups form a spectrum of individuals with varied talents and varied contributions to societal benefit, which is why the composite whole … Continue reading

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