The role, indeed the onus and the inherent imperative of the individual is to assert. That is the necessary contribution of all to society. This should not be mistaken for aggression or attempts at dominance. Instead it is an expression of values, likely inherent in that person’s make-up. Behaviour, every bit as much as presence, creates societies. Without assertion, however minimal, societies not only collapse, but are vulnerable.

Appeasement is the denial of inherent inclination. Often it is forced or politically imposed. Of course appeasement is a near relative of both placation and restraint and differentiation requires subtle, and schooled insight.

Appeasement has a tragic history. Before the Second World War the British Prime Minister demanded that the Czechoslovak President, M. Benesch, surrender his defensive zone as an appeasement to Adolf Hitler. M. Benesh capitulated to this appeasement, saying “We bequeath our sorrows to the West”. How right he was.

Later, this same British Prime Minister again capitulated, announcing that appeasement would “Bring peace in our time”. Naïve, if not stupid, he brought upon his electorate the greatest tragedy to have ever been inflicted upon them.

Prior to the American entry into the First World War, Woodrow Wilson dallied trying to appease those who wished to appease the Keizer Wilhelm. The eventual American entry was too little, too late to save the best and most cherished of Western European men.

Appeasement reigned in Africa, again in a capitulation to a vociferous minority (who has something to personally gain) which brought tragic chaos, after the weakness demonstrated by Harold Macmillan’s attempts to appease.

History will demonstrate – again perhaps with tragedy – the current attempts by powerful political figures – to appease alien immigration into Europe


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