Wood unseen for Trees: Individualism

Humans are social animals. Groups cannot be accurately assessed unless the entire group (society) is assessed. Needless to say groups form a spectrum of individuals with varied talents and varied contributions to societal benefit, which is why the composite whole must be assessed.

If a group demonstrates consistent “success”, the entire group can be credited with that success. Those who are “unsuccessful” will nevertheless contain the genetics of the group, or be maturing or declining.

Therefore a group cannot be assessed at any one time, because the group is time-traversing. There is no one moment in which a group can be accurately measured. That is because the “group” contains maturing children, fetus in uterus, and supremely successful individuals in decline. In addition there is role shift, such that a successful person might mature into success in another field.

In the age of individualism it has become habitual to consider and select single persons for appraisal. At times these “individuals” are selected and demonstrated as superior examples (which they might well be) but these do not demonstrate the values of the group as an entirety.

Indeed it has become illegal to make judgments about a group as a whole. This is regarded as “profiling”.  Yet “profiling” forms the basis of almost all human judgments. Profiling is common, almost universal, and yet –bizarrely – illegal in some of the world. Even a CV is, effectively, a “profile” of that person

The Western World (including Australasia) has long selectively chosen “superior” individuals for incorporation into their societies and aimed to merge them with the values of that society (“integration”). Yet this is theft, since the original society has invested in those persons since the conception of the maternal grandparent, and before that into eternity.  Those exceptional individuals have been created by their “home” society and are due to pay – by their presence- that dividend due to their society-of-origin.

The “success” of any group, by whatever parameter, can only be measured by history.


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