The weapons of manipulating moral righteousness, avarice, jealousy and acquisitiveness.

Moral righteousness is a meme. That is a behavioural attitude which can spread through a society influencing decisions and allowing evaluation both “negative” and “positive”.

Moral righteousness is probably impossible to define. However, it has the effect of conjoining human behaviour and therefore is important in the unification of society and a unity of behaviour.

It is, however, possible to use “moral righteousness“  in a nefarious fashion via “propaganda”. [It might be that it is required that there is a certain minimal loading of this type of meme before it becomes self-generating and universal.] The analogy with”viral” information spread via social media is pertinent: the spread of a contrived “moral rectitude” can be illustrated by this comparison.

At times it might be a single word which becomes associated with abhorrence or will induce abhorrence, under the guise of “moral rectitude”. One was the term “apartheid” which was powerfully injected into the human social consciousness of the West. This might have been an instrument of Communist propaganda, since it followed the well-known strategies of used by Communists. It might equally well have been used by other interest groups intent on destabilising Africa. Perhaps both existed simultaneously.

Jealousy, avarice and acquisitiveness appear to be part of the human “competitive” quality. These behavioural patterns are likely to have survival benefits for the individual. However, the elements of individual survival often run contrary to those of societal benefit (and survival) in a finely tuned “balance of interests”.

Therefore, in agglomerated societies the inhibition of avarice, acquisitiveness, and jealousy are desirable societal qualities.

Christianity is only one example of the doctrine of inhibition of qualities (which are inherent in the individual) but which are adverse to societal integrity. These facets of the individual’s inherent make up seem to be readily perverted by appropriate propaganda. It is this propaganda which has been used forcefully to introduce the (nebulous) “social righteousness” of “anti-money-laundering” and “anti- drug monitoring”.

In this way it is possible to induce entire populations into a (financial) behavioural pattern, luring and placating individuals as they succumb to the bait, which allows worldwide hegemony of finances and worldwide control of monetary systems.

There appears to be only one route available to defeat such supranational control by using the weapons of “moral righteousness”. That is the fragmentation of societies into relatively small groups, in which the group protects itself by strongly promoting the interests of the group and rejecting (and becoming aware of) these attempts at universal supranational control.

There do appear to be some indications of a stirring of discomfort, in the “nationalist” movements of a number of groups, notably the language groups which includes the Basque, Catalonians and Celtic language groups. Israel is a similar example, defined by its unique language, Hebrew. Several nations have already devolved, such as Czechoslovakia (into language groups), Yugoslavia, East Timor and Britain.

More will surely follow.


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