Human Social Behaviour

One probably does not have to seek obtuse explanations with respect to social manipulation (including “supra national control” ) The simple reality is that humans “like like” and feel uncomfortable with any alien presence.
This inclination of humans to segregate has been made apparent by the evolution of the thousands of languages present in the world. To my mind these languages (and their dialectal variants) serve as a “password” to identify intruders (aliens) even from the next village (as still demonstrated in Ireland)). By allowing aliens to breed and grow up (in Britain for example) these aliens have been allowed to acquire the language and dialect of that area. Said another way, “the password has been given away”, All this has nothing to do with being a “British Citizen” it has to do with being accepted by the community (and hence thereafter being supported emotionally by that community) provided their behaviour is in keeping with the “local” culture.
The problem with diversity is that it fragments culture, and distorts the mechanics of “approval” (which is the glue which holds societies together). One can therefore expect societies to fragment at every level if “diversity” is imposed (which is what we see now, daily)

It seems that the (ingrained) patterns of social behaviour are far more complex. and far less flexible than most humans realise. Because they are ingrained any attempts to modify these behavioural patterns will cause (ineradicable) tension (which can be suppressed for a period), but will eventually cause a behavioural reaction.

 Politicians, of course, believe that social manipulation is possible, and this has become their stock-in-trade

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