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Artificial Intelligence

AI could be considered a “machine”, like all the other machinery upon which creative societies are based. Therefore the prognostic philosophy will be the same. For more than a century it has been proposed that “machines will do all the … Continue reading

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Demand for Democracy.

It could be argued that an Americans aim is to dominate the world via “democracy”. This is a far easier way of controlling nations than via controlling despots – however benevolent those despots might be. In order to unseat or … Continue reading

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Protective Mechanisms in Humans.

  The natural evolution of humans from dependant childhood to adulthood is one of increasing independence to the point of self reliance. This is the case with all mobile living structures. An extension of this is the powerful emotion of … Continue reading

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Taxing the Internet. Protection Denied.

Human survival depends on the capacity of the individual (and it is always the individual remember) to survive. That survival depends upon much inherent biology – all subliminal, and beyond the control of whatever that individual believes his cognitive strengths … Continue reading

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