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Human Social Behaviour

One probably does not have to seek obtuse explanations with respect to social manipulation (including “supra national control” ) The simple reality is that humans “like like” and feel uncomfortable with any alien presence. This inclination of humans to segregate … Continue reading

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The weapons of manipulating moral righteousness, avarice, jealousy and acquisitiveness.

Moral righteousness is a meme. That is a behavioural attitude which can spread through a society influencing decisions and allowing evaluation both “negative” and “positive”. Moral righteousness is probably impossible to define. However, it has the effect of conjoining human … Continue reading

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Artificial Intelligence

AI could be considered a “machine”, like all the other machinery upon which creative societies are based. Therefore the prognostic philosophy will be the same. For more than a century it has been proposed that “machines will do all the … Continue reading

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